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Doug Diamond
Just finished reading the book.....again. What a true and honest look into not only the life of a rock star, but life itself. It leaves me reflecting about life, and how many of us have had to deal with our selfish behaviors, tragedies, and loses as we push along. We all ride the Misery Train at times, but if you have faith, the train will stop and you can get off. You just have to take that first step towards the door. And when you take that step and get off the train, you have a new appreciation for what's important in life. People, doing the right thing, and love. Never ask why………just keep living.

Bonny Ld
Winter boredom? This book has sizzle; hot enough to make the snow melt! Download it today!

Art Hauffe
Well I'm reading your book for the 2nd time. The first time I naturally went to the part about the Cherry Slush. (The band I played bass in) Then I read about Brian and Daniels Den.. etc.. I then started on the first page reading the whole thing.I'm on page 190 something.. Dick.. You have a way with words and a gift. You can tell everything you write (as in your songs) is from the heart... I think this book hits on what every young want-na-be rockstar dreams about. Rubbing shoulders with the greats in music, playing in sold out venues, Europe, Gold Records, what a great story Dick. I'm proud to say I was a small (very small) part of it and a friend. You go Maestro.. Next stop, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame...

Jim Feahr

Just finished the book in a long single (but split) sitting. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. I've heard the Maestro tell some of the stories (Dr. Silkini being my favorite, since I have my own Silkini story) and got a bang out of reading them. My dear old friend, the late Martin Preece was on the Nightmare tour and so I've heard a couple of those road stories from another (crew) perspective as well. Dick writes like he thinks and speaks, straight from the shoulder and straight from the heart. Minimal embellishment (none is needed) and just like it happened. Susan Michelson's editing keeps things rolling down the track without wrecking the great narrative flow. Buy it, read it, learn and enjoy. Thanks for writing it, Dick.


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